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Finally we have made it come true! Owning a Jewelry store has always been our dream. And we’ve also got our own jewelry name “Jeulia”, which means so much to us! Okay, here comes the story: It was time when Jolie (now my wife) and I were still in college, we were classmates and our major direction was Fashion Jewelry Design. So you know what? Every Valentine’s Day since we became lovers, we would give each other a rubber or plastic ring designed by ourselves, although the gifts were cheap, yet they weighed over everything at the bottom of our hearts. It not only symbolized the pure and romantic love between us, but also carried our dream and passion. On Graduation Day, Jolie and I made a great determination that we would open a Jewelry store, and the day we realized the dream we would get married! Bearing this in mind, we spared no effort to some preliminary work. No doubt, we need to have our own Jewelry name, and the name should be catchy and meaningful. The first name that hopped into my mind was “Jeulia”, which sounds like my darling’s name “Jolie”. “Jeulia” is very catchy and short, easy for people to memorize and pronounce. Besides, it looks like an elegant lady’s name. A joyful lady that knows everything about fashion, beauty, and how to deal with big events! With the jewelry name confirmed, Jolie and I set out to the second part, which is bringing to life all of our passion and dream for fashion, and committing to “Pure Love Jewelry”! 


Design and Make Affordable Jewelry For Every Lovers.








Today, JEULIA has become the first choice of gifts for millions of customers in the Christmas day, Valentine's Day, Mother's day, wedding anniversary and birthday. You can find large volume of information online such as  Facebook , Tumblr OR Pinterest, which we update our daily new arrival jewelry.

For more information, please visit, or feel free to contact us anytime at [email protected] or call us 1-888-219-8158.Enjoy your shopping experience here!


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