Jeulia "Appear and Disappear at Will" Cat Sterling Silver Enamel Ring

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Product Descriptions
Item#: JECC0007

The Cheshire Cat is a fictional cat in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and is known for its ability to appear and disappear at will and for its distinctive mischievous grin. Beautifully handcrafted in sterling silver, this ring features a Cheshire Cat with a cute round head and two claws. It shimmers with sparkling stones, bright eyes, and prominent teeth. You can`t feed a real Cheshire Cat but you can have this ring.

Side Stone
Carat Weight: 4.072 ct
Stone Size: 1.5,1.7,1.2,1,0.8,2 mm
Stone Type: Jeulia® Stone
Number of Stones: 189
Stone Shape: Round
Stone Color: Diamond White, Fancy Black
Basic Information
Weight: 8.9 g
Width: 13.8 mm
Height: 8.05 mm
Thickness: 4.25 mm